A common concern among those considering breast augmentation is that the results will appear artificial or fake. We’ve all seen extreme situations where breasts might be too large, far apart, round, etc., but not all breast augmentations are alike or will yield unnatural results. With every patient that comes through our doors wanting a breast augmentation, we work with them to create a custom procedure plan to achieve the most natural, figure proportionate, flattering results.

For each patient, there are three major factors that determine the procedure results: implant size, implant type, and implant placement. We’ve detailed the options for you in our Brief on Breast Implants blog, and welcome any questions you may have regarding these choices. It’s important to us that you feel heard during the process, as our number one goal is to achieve your goals with the procedure.





We’ve included a few before and after photos of recent breast augmentation procedures, and you can see more of our natural results in our Breast Augmentation Gallery. Please give us a call at (404) 257-9888 if may be interested in a breast augmentation or have any questions about the procedure.