When you’re in a quiet room, do you worry that the person next to you can hear your breathing? If you think people may focus more on your sniffles than what you’re saying, you may have sinus trouble that can be fixed with a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty can be utilized to solve medical or breathing problems or address any dissatisfaction you may have with the shape, size, or other aspects of your nose.


As a dominant facial feature, even small modifications to your nose can greatly improve your facial symmetry and profile. You are most likely a nose surgery candidate if you are dissatisfied with any of these characteristics:

  • Large nose size
  • Small nose size
  • Nose that is too wide or narrow
  • Bulbous nose tip
  • Upturned or downturned nose tip
  • Large nostrils
  • Hump in the nose bridge
  • Slope of the nose bridge
  • Asymmetrical or crooked nose shape
  • Breathing problems related to nose structure


Rhinoplasty is completed either as an “open” or “closed” procedure. In an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made across the strip of tissue separating your nostrils, and we take every care to hide the incision in the already existing, natural creases of your nose. An open rhinoplasty allows for the greatest visibility of the inner nasal structures. In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made within your nose, and scars are not visible externally.

Results from a rhinoplasty will begin to show a few weeks after the procedure, as swelling subsides. It may take anywhere from a few months up to a year for final definition and details of your nose shape to become fully apparent.


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