What is Displacement of Breast Implants?

One of the complications of breast cosmetic surgery is your implant, with time can displace. That is to say that it can move too far to the outside. It can move too far towards the middle, or it can actually bottom out or move too far inferiorly. And all these cases, the implant has to be corralled back into a native or natural preposition.

To do this, we use a technique in which we use a material called Acellular Dermal Matrices or ADM. There are different types, they’re made out of different things. But effectively what they do is they create a hammock for the implant. They bring it back to where it’s supposed to be. Most commonly, the implant can displace inferiorly. And again, this indeed is a hammock. It pulls the implant back up where it needs to be.

Acellular dermal matrices

The implant actually can migrate towards the center where you can end up with one breast where it’s all sort of fused in the center and you can use this same ADM to segregate the breast. So you have a more natural look. Additionally, the implant can run out the side and the same technique is used. When you use this product, you need to have a surgeon who’s quite experienced with this.

It’s something that you don’t need to do on occasion, because technically it’s difficult to get a good result. You need someone who’s had some experience with Acellular Dermal Matrices, but it has revolutionized our ability to improve a cosmetic breast surgery in a revisional patient.