We’ve noticed a hot new trend making headlines in the beauty industry… people are buzzing about “thighlighting”. Everyone from bloggers to magazine editors are raving about this new beauty regimen. When we think of cosmetic surgery, our minds often go to common procedures like breast implants, tummy tucks and facelifts. We don’t typically think of legs at the top of the list, probably because we associate them more with exercise and muscle toning.

The latest trend of “thighlighting” describes the growing desire for women to achieve supermodel-like legs and involves a combination of treatments aiming to make your legs appear longer and leaner. There has been an increase in patients seeking treatment for their thighs and calves including thigh lifts, calf implants, and liposuction, aimed to help contour the inner and outer thighs.

Thigh lifts are typically more involved procedures, using a combination of techniques to address the targeted area. This treatment is more ideal for people who have lost considerable weight on their own or following bariatric surgery. The procedure removes excess fat, cellulite, and sagging skin to provide a refreshed and toned appearance to the leg.

Liposuction will likely be the better choice for this area for most patients. The basis of the procedure involves localized anesthetic to numb the desired area, followed by insertion of a small tube to aid the removal of fat. There are four common techniques when performing liposuction. Some include laser or ultrasound devices to assist in the fat break-up and removal.

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