One of the most common questions about abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that we see from our Atlanta area patients is how much scarring can be expected after the procedure. All surgeries leave scars, but you can take steps to minimize the appearance of your abdominoplasty scar.

  • Follow Dr. Mark Crispin’s post-operative care instructions for your best results.
  • Stop smoking before and after surgery. Smokers’ bodies do not heal as well as nonsmokers’.
  • Use sunscreen liberally. UV rays can cause your scars to darken and become more noticeable.
  • Be patient. It takes several months to fully heal from a major surgery like abdominoplasty. Your scars will reduce in appearance over time.

During your abdominoplasty, Dr. Crispin will take care to make incisions low on your abdomen so that your scars should be well hidden by your clothing and bathing suits. Be sure to talk with Dr. Crispin about what scars you should expect from your procedure. Incisions are different for mini tummy tucks than full tummy tucks, and Dr. Crispin gives each patient a customized procedure. You can see examples of actual patients in our abdominoplasty gallery.

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