Liposuction is the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States today, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This procedure is a wonderful way to remove a significant amount of fat from many different areas of your body. We know the frustration caused by stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go away even with rigorous diet and exercise. Many people seek liposuction to ease this struggle, but there are several misconceptions associated with the procedure that we’d like to set straight!

1. Liposuction is a nonsurgical procedure.
That is not true. While there are nonsurgical fat removal options on the market such as sculpting, our liposuction procedure is the most effective and successful method to remove large amounts of fat. At our practice, we offer the Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) technique. In this process of liposuction, a tube inserted through a small incision in the treatment area sends small mechanical vibrations to break up the fat, which is then removed using a vacuum system through the tube.

2. Liposuction is only for women.
False. In 2015, liposuction was the fourth most common invasive cosmetic procedure performed on male patients, as found by the ASPS. Although the procedure is more common among women, men accounted for 12 percent of liposuction patients last year. The areas to be treated with liposuction are usually different for men and women. Typically, men focus on the stomach and hips area, sometimes ranging to the face, including under the neck as well.

3. Liposuction is the best weight-loss plan.
FALSE! While liposuction is a fantastic way to remove isolated pockets of fat from targeted areas of the body, the procedure alone should not be considered as an alternative to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. If a patient is looking to lose significant amounts of weight, we encourage them to focus on the healthiest and most successful ways possible including regimented nutrition and exercise plans. In fact, liposuction patients are encouraged to continue a healthy diet and exercise even after the procedure.

4. Liposuction results are permanent.
The dramatic results from a liposuction procedure can be permanent. Some effort is required from patients to maintain the incredible effects of the procedure. In order to prevent any excessive or unhealthy weight gain that may negate the results of the procedure, it is important that patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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