Summer is supposed to be about relaxing and having fun. The thought of dressing to beat the heat shouldn’t have to be stressful. We don’t want anybody to feel ashamed about their bodies, or let stress about certain areas make you uncomfortable this summer. We offer a variety of treatments to solve your stress and have you feeling free for the summer!

If you’ve got stubborn cellulite sticking around on your thighs and making you nervous to wear shorts, we’re here to help! We can tailor our liposuction procedures to specifically address the areas you may be worried about. Using one of the different techniques, we can remove fatty deposits that are present in various parts of your body. The removal of these fatty deposits will leave your legs looking firmer, smoother and slimmer!

For those who would prefer a less invasive technique to have their legs glowing for the summer, we’ve got the perfect option for you! Our Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments are quick and easy procedures to have your skin looking radiant in no time. Our most popular treatment, The Pearl™ Laser, is a gentle but effective technology that removes imperfections while stimulating collagen growth. The production of collagen under your skin prompts the appearance of blemish free, youthful skin. We use the Pearl™ Laser to address common skin conditions such as wrinkles and lines, acne and wound scars, sun and age spots, discoloration and pigmentation. Most patients require no more than two days to resume normal activities without any discomfort at all. Results become fully apparent within four to seven days.

If worry spots or stress areas are keeping you from staying cool and comfortable this summer, please give us a call at (404) 257-9888 to schedule your free consultation!