With the holidays ahead and spring right around the corner, we’re looking long-term at the future. We’re six months out from wedding season and spring break, so now is the time to schedule any procedures you may be interested in as to leave plenty of time for planning, procedure and recovery. If you’ve got any areas causing you concern, we can work together to find the right treatment for you. We’ve compiled a shortlist of our most common body contouring procedures to give you a little more information. If you’re interested in any of the procedures listed here or have questions about one we didn’t include, please call us!

1 ) Liposuction: This technique is a wonderful way to remove a significant amount of fat from several areas of your body. Just about any area of your body holding stubborn or excess fat can be treated with this procedure. We offer a few different methods of liposuction treatment, and we’ll work with you to decide the right method for your unique body and aesthetic desires.

2) Body Lift: This treatment removes excess fat, cellulite, and sagging skin to provide a refreshed, toned, and ideally proportioned frame. Our body lift procedure usually involves liposuction to remove stubborn fat before surgically sculpting the contours of your body.

A body lift is a very involved procedure, usually addressing a broader area or multiple parts of the body. Individual areas can have their own specialized procedures, like the next one on our list!

3) Arm Lift: An arm lift, formally known as a brachioplasty, removes sagging skin from your upper arm area to provide a refreshed and toned appearance. The procedure includes an incision placed on the inside or back of the arm, allowing minimal scarring. The upper arm area can also be treated with liposuction to help remove excess fat.

4) Buttock Augmentation: We perform the Brazilian butt lift method, which uses fat cells that have been taken from a donor site using liposuction. Common donor sites include the hips, thighs, abdomen, and lower back. These fat cells are then injected into the gluteal muscles to promote a more defined, contoured appearance.

Each of these options is suitable for addressing specific problems and may even be combined to provide you with a personalized treatment just for you. If you may be interested in any of these procedures or have questions about another treatment we offer, please call (404) 257-9888 for your first free consultation!