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standard-title Atlanta miraDry Questions about miraDry? We can walk you through the details at our free Atlanta miraDry Consultation.

Atlanta miraDry

Questions about miraDry? We can walk you through the details at our free Atlanta miraDry Consultation.

One in five people suffer from an excessive sweating/ perspiration condition called hyperhidrosis. Dr. Crispin realizes this medical condition consumes the lives of people who are constantly riddled with embarrassment. Why? People who have this condition have uncontrollable sweating and oftentimes find themselves changing their drenched filled clothes several times a day. If you have this condition there is now a safe permanent solution to your problem.

MiraDry, the solution for excessive perspiration!

In the past people who have had hyperhidrosis have tried to find countless ways to stop this excessive perspiration by applying different over the counter as well as prescription antiperspirants with failing results. At last a wonderful and exciting procedure has been developed to combat excessive perspiration called miraDry. Crispin Plastic Surgery miraDry is now offered as a procedure and can be a life altering experience that allows people to lead healthy normal lives. There will be no more worries for the young teenage girl who fears her dress will be wet with perspiration by the time her date is over. Neither, will the man or woman giving a speech at a conference, be fearful that the audience will notice their clothes are drenched with perspiration by the time their speech has been delivered. At Crispin Plastic Surgery we now proudly offer you this amazing Atlanta miraDry procedure. MiraDry, how it works! MiraDry, a procedure, uses microwave radiation to eradicate the sweat glands located in the armpits. This procedure is used only in this area of the body. The radiation is supplied through a laser. The destruction of the sweat glands located in the armpits reduces perspiration to normal levels in the body. After the miraDry procedure has been performed, it has been shown perspiration was reduced by at least eighty two percent. This procedure is for people over eighteen years old. MiraDry is not for individuals with heart pacemakers or electronic implants. MiraDry is also not suited for individuals who are allergenic to epinephrine or lidocaine. Consult with Dr. Crispin to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

MiraDry, the procedural process

This is a safe noninvasive procedure requiring no surgery or stitches. Before the procedure is performed Dr. Crispin will locally anesthetize the armpit and wait for the anesthetic to take effect. The miraDry procedure will require a hand held laser projecting microwave radiation onto its target which is the armpit (axilla). This microwave energy targets the axilla destroying the sweat glands located in the armpit permanently without causing any harm to any of the surrounding areas. The procedure is performed in office and takes approximately an hour. After the procedure has been performed there is “no down time”. You can literally have the Atlanta miraDry procedure done and go back to work the same day. There may be some increased redness, mild swelling or irritation in the treated area for a short period of time after the treatment. Don’t let hyperhidrosis define your lifestyle, let the Crispin Plastic Surgery miraDry Procedure release you from worries and start living the life you deserve! If there are any further questions or you would like a consultation please contact our office. Remember Dr. Crispin offers financial options to his patients who have affordability issues.

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