It’s that time of year again! Colder weather is coming, so bring on the sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. This also means you’ve got an excuse to wear scarves again, but if you’re using them to hide your insecurities more than for warmth or style, we need to talk! If worries about your neck keep you wrapped all year long, our MACS facelift procedure can help.

Over time, the delicate area around the chest and neck can begin to change which might leave you feeling insecure about your appearance. Our MACS facelift can address areas of concern such as loose or sagging jowls, skin beneath the chin and jaw, and sagging skin around the neck.

The procedure uses short incisions around the chin and neck to tighten skin and erase wrinkles. MACS facelift is an abbreviation for ‘Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-lift.’ The incision is made in the natural crease in front of the ear, so any scarring is hidden and unnoticeable. Through this incision, we’re able to detach the skin from the cheeks up to the corner of the jaw near the neck. The underlying muscles are tightened and lifted vertically.

The procedure should take a maximum of 3 hours, and recovery is smooth. You’ll be back to your regular activities in one week, with minimal bruising and scarring fading quickly. If you may be interested in the MACS facelift or any of our other facelift procedures, please call us at (404) 257-9888 to schedule your free consultation.