With the start of the new year comes all of the predictions for what’s to come. What will be the most popular beauty trend of the year? What will be the must-have fashion choice for 2018? It might be hard to identify the year-defining moments that haven’t happened yet, but there are some things that we can forecast. Usually popular fads in the beauty industry come and go, but a particular beauty trend has stuck around for the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


Society has come to favor a larger, curvier rear-end. While some of what you see in magazines may be a result of a thousand squats a day, it’s likely stars are turning to cosmetic surgery to achieve their dream derrière. One of our procedures, the Brazilian butt lift, is a common choice for women looking to enhance the size and shape of their behind. A Brazilian butt lift is a combination of an augmentation and a lift, designed to enhance the size as well as contour the shape of the buttock. Of course, patients that come to us seeking this procedure typically want a more subtle, natural appearance, and we understand that. The most important part of undergoing this procedure is the preparation. In the consultation, we will discuss your desired results and agree on the right size and shape of augmentation for your unique physique. Every body is different, and we tailor the procedure so results will look natural and fit your figure perfectly.


The procedure involves lifting the existing glute muscles and injecting fat into the area to fill and shape your rear. Fat cells are extracted from a donor site using liposuction. Common donor sites include the hips, thighs, abdomen, and lower back. The fat will settle and take root in the first few months of your recovery and results after that point should be permanent.
Following your surgery with us, any visible bruising and swelling will fade as you heal. We’ll prescribe medications to help control any pain you may be experiencing and make you more comfortable during your recovery period. You will be able to walk normally, but we recommend avoiding strenuous activities for four weeks to ensure proper healing and recovery.
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