atlanta breast augmentation

Is there such a thing as a natural breast augmentation? After all an implant is not a natural substance such as a breast. What makes a breast implant look as though it’s not an implant?

Much of what makes an implanted breast look natural comes from the preoperative planning. That means a board certified plastic surgeon sits down with you and carefully examines your anatomy. That’s a board certified plastic surgeon not a board certified facial plastic surgeon, not a board certified general surgeon, not a board certified cosmetic surgeon (an artificial board not recognized by anything official – that only requires any medical degree and a check). The point is to find a qualified surgeon who will carefully examine and most of all to listen to what you want.

I have found that after nearly 20 years of practice that patients will tell you what they want. The recipe for a natural breast augmentation is to match the footprint of the breast with the cup size of the patients request. Fortunately, for all of us in the modern age the implant sizes are customized for different footprint sizes. That is the essence of a natural augmentation. A wide implant in a skinny girl is a setup for an unnatural look. Much the same – a tiny diameter implant in a larger frame looks…. well odd.

Implants from the two primary breast implant manufacturers come in 3 different profiles. That would be a wider implant that is quite short, a medium width implant that is a bit taller, and a skinny, implant that is quite tall. The importance of matching the confirmation of the implant with the body type is essential.

The importance of matching the size, width and type of implant with the patient’s request is the essence of a natural augmentation. Look at the internet pictures and that will give you an idea of what your getting yourself into with your potential surgeon. Common things happen commonly and if the pictures are artificial….well you get the picture.