Male Preventative / Injectables

Male Preventative Injectables in Atlanta, GA

Age preventative treatments are a growing trend among men. In the past, customized implants were the solution to build or enhance the male facial features such as defined cheeks, chin or the jawline. Now there are numerous non-invasive options using soft tissue fillers or Sculptura available to those men who are not ready to commit to a facelift surgery.

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What Are My Injectable Options?

For defined cheeks: Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Vollure, or Restalyne

For contoured jaw, temple or china and collagen growth stimulation: Sculptra

Substantial volume to the jaw, temple, and chin: Radiesse

What Are My Laser Skin Resurfacing Options?

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FAQs: Preventative/Injectables For Men

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I always wanted an hour-glass figure and now I have one thanks to Dr. Crispin. Dr. Crispin did my breasts and liposuction on my belly. He made me feel at ease to talk about all my concerns and he took the time to review all my options with me. The surgery and recovery were seamless thanks to him and his staff. I would, and have recommended him to many of my friends and have a growing list of the next things I would love him to work on ;).
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