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Abdominoplasty Surgery in Atlanta, GA

For a man, abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure similar to a tummy tuck performed on a woman, but not identical to it. A male abdominoplasty, requires a shorter and different incision. Additionally, fat distribution differs in males and frequently requires additional liposuction to achieve the desired body sculpting.

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What Are My Male Body Sculpting Surgery Options?

Body sculpting/contour requests generally differ among the genders. Women often request a cinched waist to create an hourglass figure, whereas men desire a more defined, muscular abdomen, such as six-pack abs or V-lines. Each patient will have unique goals and require customized surgery. Learn more about achieving a slimmer, contoured abdomen here.

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    Male Body Sculpting

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    I always wanted an hour-glass figure and now I have one thanks to Dr. Crispin. Dr. Crispin did my breasts and liposuction on my belly. He made me feel at ease to talk about all my concerns and he took the time to review all my options with me. The surgery and recovery were seamless thanks to him and his staff. I would, and have recommended him to many of my friends and have a growing list of the next things I would love him to work on ;).
    I love my new body. Thanks.

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