Breast Augmentation


Breast implants are becoming increasingly popular among women and teenagers who want to tweak the size, form or texture of their breasts. Women also get breast implants after a mastectomy for breast reconstruction. In both cases breast implant pictures reveal similar results and help prospective women in forming an opinion about the breast enhancement surgery. The best way is to know before and after breast implants and to be able to judge its impact on your body.

Women are now seeking a subtler version of the breast implant instead of one that gives a busty look. Natural looking breast implants will therefore appeal more to the masses than ones that come off as artificial, and too “commercial” for some women. Due to the fact that plastic surgery breast implants are either saline-filled (sterile salt water filling) or silicone shells (with silicone plastic gel), it is pertinent to scrutinize pictures of breast implants and learn about boob jobs before and after.

Some women have to undergo re operation (more after silicone gel implants due to higher risks involved) and breast enhancement photos can sometimes reveal unnecessary scars that may appear. Just by looking at breast augmentation photos, you will know what questions to ask your plastic surgeon before you take the plunge. Natural breast implants are not only surgically safe, but also proportionately harmonious with the rest of the body, and that is exactly what a breast implants surgery should do for you.