Neck Lift (Lower Facelift)

Neck Lift Surgery in Atlanta, GA

A neck lift is a procedure to improve the appearance of aging as it affects the neck. Loose skin and muscle is tightened and fatty deposits are excised. The aesthetic result is a toned and more youthful-looking neckline.

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What are my Neck Lift Surgery Options?

The effects of aging in the neck and face do not always follow a uniform pattern. Many may still find their face pleasing but have concerns about loose skin and muscle laxity affecting their neckline.

If your primary focus is to lift and tighten the skin of your neck and throat areas, then a neck lift is recommended. Small fatty deposits in this area may also be removed and the muscles tightened.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Crispin, the two of you will discuss your post-surgery expectations for your chin, neck, and throat area. Together, you will decide on the procedure or procedures that will provide optimal rejuvenation results.

Are there Limitations to a Neck Lift Procedure

The primary focus of a neck lift is to treat neckline laxity. “Turkey neck,” the banding of loose skin around the neck, can be corrected with this procedure. A neck lift will not treat jowls; those particular cosmetic challenges are best treated with a facelift procedure.

What are Recovery Times after Neck Lift Surgery?

Downtime is minimal. Most patients may return to work within 5 to 7 days. Exercise is limited during the first month after the procedure.

FAQs: Neck Lift

1) Where can I expect the incisions to be located?

Just under the chin, behind the ear, and into the scalp. Scars generally fade with time.

2) When will I know if I am ready for a neck lift?

Age is not really a factor in your decision. What really matters is how you feel and if that area is bothersome to you. In general, changes in that area begin in the early forties.

3) How can I extend the benefits of my neck lift surgery?

Applying sun protection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will assist in maintaining your newly rejuvenated neckline. A neck lift will not arrest the aging process.

4) Will a neck lift get rid of my jowls?

No. Learn more here about the best treatment to correct this issue.

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    It was my first time doing any sort of cosmetic procedure. I simply hated looking in the mirror at my “turkey neck”. Thank you Dr. Crispin for making my first experience wonderful. Had I known how great I would look and the minimal amount of pain associated with a neck lift, I would have done it years ago. I will forever be a patient.

    Matt C. - Alpharetta, Georgia