Undergoing a breast augmentation will not only change your life, but it will also change your wardrobe shopping experience. Your old bras will be a thing of the past! During this time, you will want to purchase new bras to accommodate your new look and provide you with the best support. So where do you start? These are a few ways to purchase new bras for your new body!

What kind of bra do you wear for post-surgery recovery?

After your breast augmentation, you will want to plan for comfort and support. You will be sore and your body will be adjusting to your new implants. During your consultation, we will go over what bras or compression garments will be the best option for your healing process.

How do you find the right bra size?

Once you’re body has recovered from surgery, you will be ready to start restocking your bra collection. The first thing you will want to do is get fitted by a bra specialist to find out your accurate cup and band size. Don’t be afraid to ask the bra specialists questions. That’s what they’re there for! Keep in mind, different brands vary in size, so it’s likely you will need to get fitted a few times if you shop at a couple stores.

What type of bra is right for you?

Many bras are created for natural breasts, so finding the right bra for your implants may take some time, at first. For instance, it’s very unlikely you will need a bra with extra push-up padding. Bring in a few different styles with you to the dressing room, and choose the ones that make your feel the most confident, comfortable and beautiful.

What type of bra do you buy for fitness?

Once you’re cleared to partake in fitness activities, it will be time to invest in supportive sports bras. You may find getting fitted for a sports bra is easier than a regular bra. The perfect fitting sports bra will not be too tight, and it will provide you with coverage and support. If you find your bra is restricting your breathing or movements, go up a size.

Like regular bras, there are various types of sports bras that provide different kinds of support. High impact sports bras will provide you with the most support for your chest in back, especially if you are planning to run or participate in aerobic activities. If you are participating in yoga, a low impact or medium impact bra may only be necessary. Move around in your dressing room and do some quick stretches to see how comfortable you are.

Shopping for new bras will be an exciting time for you after your breast augmentation. Bring a friend to accompany you on your shopping trip to help provide you with some advice on choosing bras. If you have any questions about how breast implants can enhance your life, contact us at (404) 257-9888 and ask to speak with Jennifer.