When you undergo breast augmentation surgery, you want the results to look as natural as possible. To this end, the debate between round vs. tear drop breast implants is ongoing. Many surgeons believe that tear drop breast implants produce the most genuine-looking results. However, tear drop breast implants are not the best option for everyone.

A few facts about the round and tear drop breast implants used at our Marietta plastic surgery office:

  • Both tear drop and round implants have the ability to mimic the natural shape of the breast.
  • Both tear drop and round implants can add shape, size and fullness to the entire breast.
  • Tear drop implants are often used for people with thinner skin and smaller amounts of natural breast tissue.

It is important to note that every woman is unique, but both types of breast implants should be considered before making a decision on which one to use. The type you ultimately select should be based on several factors, including the thickness of your skin, your muscle tone, the natural shape of your breasts, your age, your body type, and the amount of physical activity in which you engage both in your personal life and your occupation.

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