According to Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin, there has been an increased popularity of Atlanta breast augmentation procedure in the recent years. This increase has been attributed to the procedure giving super satisfactory and lasting results. Women see their lives and personalities affect significantly after a breast surgery procedure. Most of the women have no concerns on mind when they see such positive results but when a woman starts to think about having a baby, some serious concerns spring up and are upsetting, to say the least.

One of such major concern is whether there are any effects of the breast implants on the post-partum period. Let’s look at some of the most common questions relating to this subject.

Can breast Implants prevent you from nursing your children?

When Dr. Crispin makes Incisions in certain types of Atlanta Breast Augmentation they are located under the armpit or under the breast. This should not interfere with the ability to breast feed. However, incisions around the areola area of the breast that are used in other Atlanta Breast Augmentations procedures may affect your capacity to breastfeed. If you are considering breast augmentation, it is wise to find out where the incisions are made, especially if you are planning to breastfeed in the future. Please make a consultation with Dr. Crispin if you are concerned about any issues on the safety of breast implants and breastfeeding. He will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Will your breasts sag from breast feeding?

According to a recent study, women with breast implants need not worry about sagging breasts due to breast feeding. The study was conducted on nearly 120 women and the results showed that breast feeding pose no significant risk to breast implants. On an unrelated note, breast feeding is not the cause of sagging breasts even in women without implants.

The reason behind this is the fact that implants are placed under the breast gland, may it be above or below the pectoral muscle, hence not affecting the milk ducts or breast glands at all. If you get to the matter of sagging, most commonly it is due to changes in the breasts after pregnancy rather than breast feeding.

What are the changes in breast shape if you have breast implants after pregnancy?

This is also an important question which follows a woman’s decision to undergo breast augmentation. At the time of pregnancy your natural breasts will become larger but the breast implants will remain the same size and consequently it’s the pregnancy that changes your breasts, not breast implants. After the period of breast feeding has passed, your breasts will become smaller and consequently the breast skin may become loose and the shape of the breast before pregnancy may not return. For most women according to the Plastic Surgery Portal the breasts will start to sag and appear to have a ski jump appearance.

However, there’s no need to despair, there is a solution to regain your breast shape called the Atlanta Breast Lift. If there are no more pregnancies in your future this may be the right choice for you. Please feel free to contact Dr. Crispin about the Atlanta Breast Lift if this procedure may be of interest to you now or sometime in the future.