Breast Revision / Implant Exchange

Breast Revision Surgery in Atlanta, GA

If you are dissatisfied with how your breasts look after your augmentation procedure, or if you are experiencing a breast implant complication, you may need a breast revision surgery. Dr. Mark Crispin tailors your breast revision surgery to your specific needs.

You may be a candidate for breast revision if:

  • Your saline implant has ruptured, resulting in a deflated breast appearance.
  • A recent MRI indicates your silicone breast implant has ruptured.
  • The scar tissue around the breast implant has tightened, resulting in a distorted  breast shape, and possibly causing breast discomfort and firmness, called a capsular contracture.
  • You are unhappy with the size of your breasts and wish to increase or decrease the size of your breast implants.
  • You received saline breast implants and would like to change them to silicone.
  • Your breasts otherwise have an abnormal and undesirable appearance after breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction.
  • Your breast surgery results have changed over time and need to be refreshed.

What Are My Breast Revision/Implant Exchange Surgery Options?

Procedures are often sophisticated, requiring an experienced revision surgeon like Dr. Crispin. Based on patient concerns/complaints corrective surgery options include breast lifts, capsulectomies, implant exchange, and/or the application of ADM (acellular dermal matrix). It is extremely important to use a surgeon that is a specialist with many years of experience in revision work. Dr. Crispin has been an instructor on applications of cosmetic breast revision procedures around the country.

FAQs: Breast Revision/Implant Exchange

1) Will I have drains after my breast revision surgery?

  • Most likely yes-breast revision surgeries are often more involved than your original procedure and may require drain placement for 3-7 days.
  • Drains help prevent infection and other complications and lead to quicker healing times


2) Do I have to exchange my implants when having a breast revision surgery?

  • No-if there is no issue with your implants, and you are happy with the size, you are not required to exchange your implants


3) What is ADM (acellular dermal matrix)?

  • Soft tissue replacement
  • May be used to address symmastia, bottoming out of implants, and prevent capsular contracture.


4) What is the recovery time after Breast Revision Surgery?

  • Recovery time after breast revision surgery varies depending on what procedures are needed to address your breast concerns
  • Recovery after ADM placement requires drain placement and more downtime (2-3 weeks) to avoid complications

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    Just when I lost faith in having normal looking breasts, I found Dr. Mark Crispin. 5 years ago, I had a breast surgery performed by another surgeon and to say they looked awful is an understatement. After much research, I heard about Dr. Crispin. I immediately made an appointment. Best decision I ever made! Anybody that has been through cosmetic surgery that receives less than favorable result would naturally have fear. However, there was something about Dr. Crispin that made me feel immediate relief and confidence he could give me the results I was looking for. One month later, I had my surgery. Recovery was easy and he was so attentive to all my questions. Once he unwrapped the bandages and I saw my results, I was moved to tears. My breasts look AMAZING and so natural. Words cannot describe my gratitude to this man. Thank you Dr. Crispin! I will be forever grateful.

    Amy - Atlanta, Georgia