Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Breast Reduction Surgery in Atlanta, GA

If you suffer from large, heavy breasts, a breast reduction procedure may provide you with the relief you have been looking for. With breast reduction, excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are removed from excessively large breasts to bring them into proper proportion with the rest of your frame. Like an Atlanta breast lift, Atlanta breast reduction rejuvenates breast appearance. Breast reduction is also helpful with symptoms of back and neck aches and grooving from bra straps. Dr. Mark Crispin will assess your body shape and listen to your cosmetic wishes. Based on these things, he will customize a breast reduction procedure providing you with the look and comfort you deserve.

What are my Breast Reduction Options?

To perform breast reduction, Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Crispin will need to make incisions on your breasts. Depending on the size of your breasts, these incisions may be made around your areola alone or with additional incisions vertical to the breast crease, or in the shape of an anchor. This will be based on your needs. Through these incisions, Dr. Crispin will remove excess tissue to reduce the volume and weight of your breasts. Once sufficient tissue has been removed, he will lift and shape the remaining tissue and restore your nipple to a higher, more appealing position.

FAQS: Breast Reduction


1) What is the difference between a Breast Lift and a Breast Reduction?

A breast lift removes skin while a reduction also removes tissue.

2) Can I still breast feed after a reduction?

When using proper technique, most women can still breast feed.

3) What weight should I be before my breast reduction?

It is best to be at the weight you can maintain. If you lose a significant amount of weight after your surgery, it can alter your results.

4) What is the recovery time for a Breast Reduction?

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Most patients may return to work within one to two weeks from surgery. During the first few weeks, swelling and discomfort are common. Pain can be addressed with medications. Patients will wear a supportive bra for the first few weeks that helps with swelling and discomfort. We ask all of our patients to postpone any strenuous activities for four weeks. This allows your body the appropriate time to heal and reduces unnecessary complications. Breast reductions do leave scars at the incision locations. While scars are permanent, they will become much less noticeable in time. We use the latest suturing techniques to assure you get the best scar possible.

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    You truly went above and beyond with my ride home when my scheduled ride was unable to get me after my breast reduction. Thank you so much. I really was blown away by that. It speaks volumes for the kind of person you (and your wife) are. I’m so happy my friends referred me to you! Also, Jennifer was amazing. Post-surgery would not have gone so well without all her tips and pointers about what to expect. She is a gem for your office.

    Emily - Alpharetta, Georgia