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standard-title Breast Augmentation Risks Learn about the risks associated with breast augmentation. Dr. Crispin is board certified and performs your procedure at the highest levels of safety.

Breast Augmentation Risks

Learn about the risks associated with breast augmentation. Dr. Crispin is board certified and performs your procedure at the highest levels of safety.

Breast augmentation is consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, with hundreds of thousands of breast enhancements performed yearly. While a vast majority of breast augmentation Atlanta surgeries are successful and involve no side-effects, it’s important to remember that every surgery is accompanied by inherent risks. Fortunately, when you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Mark Crispin, the risk of complications is significantly lower.

Dr. Crispin believes it’s important for his Atlanta area breast augmentation patients to be educated about the procedure and have a thorough understanding of both its benefits and risks prior to committing to surgery. This way, you can make a fully informed decision.

Common Breast Augmentation Complications

Complications associated with breast augmentation include:

  • Breast implant deflation – Saline breast implants have a risk of leaking and deflating. The saline leak will not cause physical harm since the saltwater solution can be absorbed by the body; however your deflated breast implant will require replacement.
  • Breast implant displacement – Breast implants may shift out of position with time. Any breast implant movement is typically minor and unnoticeable, but occasionally the displacement can be dramatic enough to warrant a breast augmentation revision procedure.
  • Breast implant rupture – Although silicone breast implant ruptures are rare, they are of greater concern than a saline breast implant leak due to the silicone solution that gives the implants volume. Silicone breast implant ruptures can lead to further complications including capsular contracture.
  • Capsular contracture – Capsular contracture is a condition in which a scar forms around your breast implant, causing an unnatural appearance and potential discomfort. Depending on the extent of scarring, you may require breast augmentation revision and the replacement of the affected breast implant.
  • Decreased nipple sensitivity – Numbing of the nipples is possible with any breast augmentation procedure, although your breast augmentation incision location may play a critical role in whether or not you sustain decreased nipple sensitivity.
  • Infection – The development of an infection is a possibility with any surgery, but it is rare with breast augmentation in Atlanta. That said, Dr. Crispin will closely monitor your condition as you recover, and it is best to alert him to any signs of infection.
  • Rippling – An aesthetic problem particular to saline breast implants, rippling can occur as the saline solution shifts inside the implants. Rippling is less common with smooth breast implants that are completely filled and placed under the muscle.

Dr. Crispin will review a complete list of potential risks with you prior to committing to breast augmentation surgery. The chance for complications is greatly reduced when you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation.

If you are interested in breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Mark Crispin today to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Crispin serves patients in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia.


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