Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Crispin has seen the Atlanta breast augmentation become an increasingly popular procedure in the past few years. This procedure is no longer just for the more well-off in the society but for working women and housewives as well. Pregnancy is usually not a topic of concern when women want a breast augmentation procedure performed because they are thinking of all the positive effects it will have on them. However, when it becomes the time in a women’s life to have children, the issue of the effects of breast implants often becomes a matter of concern.

Generally women are apprehensive about the potential effects of breast implants upon the unborn child and on breast feeding. They are also concerned whether breast implants during pregnancy can cause changes in breast shape.To help everyone having such concerns, let’s address each of these matters relating to the effects of breast implants upon pregnancy.

Do Breast Implants Have Effects on the Fetus?

Dr. Crispin knows women today want to be informed and made aware of the potential health issues affecting their unborn child and their new born baby. The hazards of smoking and drinking while pregnant were the newly discovered health issues of yesteryear. Now one of the current worries of pregnant women is if pregnant women with breast implants may cause a danger to the health of their unborn child.

Breast implants that Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Crispin uses are constructed of a silicone shell that is filled either with silicone gel or saline (salt water}. Essentially it is a rubbery type sac that is filled with these substances. The questions women want to know is, will silicone be in my or my unborn child’s blood stream and will my silicone breast implants be harmful to my unborn child?

The National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reported the effects of silicone on pregnant rats and their offspring in research studies. The pregnant rats had moderate levels of silicone subcutaneously injected. Research findings showed no adverse effects on the mothers and their offspring. Which proves that women with breast implants can also have safe pregnancies.

Does Pregnancy have Effects on the Breast Implants?

It is now clear that there is no need to worry about the health of the unborn child because of breast implants but there is also another concern that needs addressing: does pregnancy affect breast implants? That is a genuine concern because a woman who has spent thousands of dollars on breast surgery deserves to know for sure that being pregnant won’t mess up the thing that she strived for and ruin her now perfect bosom.

Dr. Crispin, being an expert in this matter, assures that being pregnant does not affect the integrity of your implants. However, since the breast tissue is stretching and shrinking during this period, some changes in the skin are bound to happen. The breast gland grows and later become smaller because of the milk that it produces during pregnancy and during breast feeding. The skin is stretched during lactation period and sags when it ends. But it is nothing that cannot be fixed with some small follow-up surgery. This surgery could either entail a lift or bigger implants, however that is not always the case. Many women go through pregnancy and they look just fine afterwards. If you take care of yourself, there might not be any effect at all.