Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Atlanta, GA

  • A mommy makeover is a common term used to describe a combination of procedures that Dr. Crispin performs to help moms achieve their “pre baby body”. It often includes some sort of breast surgery (breast augmentation and/or lift) and a tummy tuck and or liposuction. Use the buttons below to learn more about these procedures:

Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

Breast Lift


Breast Reduction

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I cannot begin to thank all of you for the amazing transformation you have given to both my body and confidence. From the consultation and being totally reassured by Jen, I knew I was in good hands. You all have been so wonderful and caring, and I so appreciate all of your guidance, answering my 5 million questions, and extra thanks to Jen and Mary Catherine for your reassurance when I was panicked after removing the bandages.

Dr. Crispin, I know you could see how anxious I was right before surgery and I will never forget you comforting me and holding my hand until I fell asleep. Those are the moments as a patient that you never forget. To wrap things up, I am so grateful for all of you and my new body! If I can ever serve as a reference or success story, do not hesitate to ask.

Samantha - Decatur, Georgia