Obviously, one of the goals of breast augmentation is increasing the size of your breasts. However, Atlanta breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin will base the size of your implants on factors unique to your body, not on the vaguer notion of cup size.

Cup sizes vary with each manufacturer. They can even vary within manufacturers based on style differences. This makes cup size a poor way to determine what size your implants should be. Instead, the size of your breast implants will need to be based on the shape and size of your natural anatomy. Dr. Crispin will assess your frame to help determine the breast implant size that will most complement and enhance your entire appearance.

What You can Do

Your Atlanta breast augmentation procedure needs to be based on your desires. You can help Dr. Crispin find the right size implants for your body by being completely honest about what you hope to achieve with your procedure. Bringing pictures of breasts you find attractive to your initial consultation can be very helpful in determining the best size for you as well.

Dr. Crispin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience. He will listen to your desires, carefully evaluate your natural features, and tailor your breast augmentation procedure to meet your unique needs.

If you are considering breast augmentation in the Atlanta or Marietta areas of Georgia, please contact Crispin Plastic Surgery to schedule an informative consultation today.