Reviews & Testimonials

The grateful patients of Crispin Plastic Surgery often share their appreciation in many ways, including personal letters and telephone calls. Some are kind enough to take the time to give us great reviews online. To leave your online review, click here.

Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown
So many wonderful things to say about Dr. Crispin and his staff. As soon as I walked into the office, I immediately felt comfortable. Everyone is so genuinely friendly! My consultation couldn’t have gone better. Dr. Crispin was the only surgeon that took his time to explain every detail. I brought a list of questions for him but he was so thorough that he answered every single one before I had the chance to ask. Thrilled with my results and have never felt better! If you’re looking for the top plastic surgeon in Atlanta, look no further!
Calla Davis
Calla Davis
If I could give more stars I would!!! My husband and I have said multiple time over this entire experience that this has been the best experience we could have ever imagined. From the first phone call with you, every appointment, the surgery and all the follow ups… you all have done exactly what you have said every step and it has been the best experience of our lives!!! It could have been so stressful and scary and it was not that at all. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of me!
Charlotte Janis
Charlotte Janis
Dr. Crispin is not only an incredible plastic surgeon (the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta in my opinion) but so ethical and honest. He has performed multiple procedures on my friend and she looks fabulous. He was so honest letting her know what she didn’t need and what would be a waste of money for her. Don’t know many surgeons that would do this. Would recommend him to everyone!
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore
Over the moon happy with my results! I finally have my pre-baby body back. I’ve always heard Dr. Crispin is the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta and now I can personally say it’s true.
Nita James
Nita James
I can’t say enough good things about Crispin plastic surgery! After meeting with multiple surgeons I have come to realize first impressions are everything. From the first initial consultation he made me feel so comfortable and no question was off limits to him! He was very honest about every question and concern that I had! Of course it wouldn’t be a proper review without a shoutout to his staff Mary Cat (his nurse) and Jennifer ( his coordinator) they are both such amazing woman who just tie the whole experience together for me , when I walked out of the consultation there was no doubt in my mind Dr.Crispin would be the one performing my surgery. I am now 3 months post-op from my implants and breast lift and I am beyond thrilled with my results! Thank you Dr.Crispin and Staff!!
Polly G.
Polly G.
Amazing doctor, very trustworthy! I’ve had two procedures with him that turned out exceptional. What I like the most about Dr. Crispin is he doesn’t try to talk you into a bunch of stuff, he suggests what he sees his patients will benefit from. Thanks Dr. Crispin!
Letitia Wise
Letitia Wise
I love Dr. Crispin and Mary Catherine. From the initial consultation to my last visit , they made me feel very comfortable and treated me like family.. They were kind, patient and answered every question I had, even on the day of surgery. I'm in love with my results! Absolutely no regrets! Selecting Dr. Crispin to perform my procedures was the best decision ever.
Lisa Shryock (Plexus Diamond Ambassador)
Lisa Shryock (Plexus Diamond Ambassador)
What a wonderful experience from day 1 at my consultation to the follow up after surgery. I went in the first part of Sept 2021 and had surgery in Nov. 2021. Jennifer Arnoldi patient coordinator was so sweet she made my sweet tooth hurt. Never once did she make me feel rushed. She took her time with me answering and making me feel so comfortable. Mary Catherine, nurse for Dr. Crispin is a gift. Very caring very gentle making me feel as though I truly mattered. Dr. Crispin changed my life!!! Answered all my concerns, even consulted with the hospital on my behalf in regard with me needing to have surgery in the hospital instead of out patient center. The day of my surgery I was so nervous. Dr. Crispin assured me everything was going to be ok. When I was wheeled into the operating room I felt a gentle squeeze of my hand which made me feel so calm with all the other noise going on with everyone preparing for the start of my surgery. Not knowing who that person was I asked Dr. Crispin after my first post op appointment was that him. He stated it was him holding my hand. He knows his patients come into the operating room so scared that he wants his patients to know he is there and in good hands. That means so much to me that he had the compassion to make me feel like I was family. He even opened up his facility on a Sunday for me to come in to make sure everything was going well after my surgery that past Thursday. The entire staff truly makes you feel so special. I highly recommend Dr. Crispin as a surgeon. The before care, during care and after care is exceptional. If you are debating about using Dr. Crispin, don’t. You are definitely in GREAT HANDS THANK YOU DR. CRISPIN!!! Truly such a sweet caring professional.
Brooke Hillebrand
Brooke Hillebrand
Hands down the best cosmetic surgery experience I’ve ever had (albeit my only). Cannot say enough wonderful things about this practice. From the friendly and warm staff, to the final results of my procedure - 5 stars across the board. Always runs on time (a major pet peeve of mine from most medical practices) and always a super efficient and well communicated experience. I never felt like a nuisance from all of my “newbie” questions. It is no wonder why Dr Crispin comes so highly recommended after experiencing first hand. And Jennifer (office coordinator?) may just be my new best friend. I would post pictures showing just how pleased I am with the results, but my husband may disown me. So just take my word for it!

I see Dr. Crispin several times a year for Juvederm injections. Love, love my natural-looking results! He’s an expert at making you look like a younger, better version of yourself.

Decatur, Gerogia

It’s great to have pretty symmetrical breasts again. They were so saggy and uneven before. My husband loves my new look. Thanks for the confidence boost Dr. Crispin!

Happy Patient
Cartersville, Georgia

I’m a lawyer and can’t afford the embarrassment of huge sweat stains. Best decision I ever made to go with miraDry. Two treatments with Dr. Crispin’s nurse and I’m sweat free!

Loyal Patient
Gainesville, Georgia

Some doctors rush through your appointment. Not Dr. Crispin! He has a great bedside manner and is always willing to answer my questions. You can tell Dr. Crispin truly cares about his patients.

Grateful Patient

This man changed the Course of my existence. His honor and dedication to ‘doing the next right thing’ is so commendable. He is one of the very few surgeons that will say ‘you’re beautiful the way you are…You don’t need this procedure’. How respectable. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and you (and the girls) will always hold a special place in my heart. You integrity and truthfulness is beyond refreshing…I simply adore all of you.


I interviewed several Atlanta plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Crispin for my breast augmentation surgery. My post-surgery results are so natural looking and the symmetry is amazing! He met all my expectations and more. So pleased with my new breasts. Thank you Dr. Crispin!


Dear Dr. Crispin & Crew,
I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, patience and tolerance with me. Your comforting words and endless understanding has meant more to me than you will ever know. You didn’t just change my appearance, you touched my soul and changed my life. The talent you have combined with your gentle spirit and amazing crew makes you a triple threat! So grateful to have you all!


I always knew after I had children, I would want a tummy tuck. My friend had hers done with Dr. Crispin and she looks great. Happy to say I have my pre-baby tummy back! Dr. Crispin is not only an amazing surgeon but has a great bedside manner. As a person in the medical profession myself, I highly value his talent, skill, commitment and care. Would recommend him to everyone.


I always wanted an hour-glass figure and now I have one thanks to Dr. Crispin. Dr. Crispin did my breasts and liposuction on my belly. He made me feel at ease to talk about all my concerns and he took the time to review all my options with me. The surgery and recovery were seamless thanks to him and his staff. I would, and have recommended him to many of my friends and have a growing list of the next things I would love him to work on ;).
I love my new body. Thanks.

Happy Patient
Atlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Crispin,
You truly went above and beyond with my ride home when my scheduled ride was unable to get me after my breast reduction. Thank you so much. I really was blown away by that. It speaks volumes for the kind of person you (and your wife) are. I’m so happy my friends referred me to you! Also, Jennifer was amazing. Post-surgery would not have gone so well without all her tips and pointers about what to expect. She is a gem for your office.

Alpharetta, Georgia

I’ve always had bags under my eyes but as I have gotten older, they are more pronounced and aging. I am in television and the camera doesn’t do the eyes any justice. Dr. Crispin is known in my industry for being the go to surgeon. I ended up getting an upper and lower eyelid lift. My results look very natural and has taken many years off my face. I am so impressed with his work and feel fortunate to have heard of him.

Atlanta, Georgia

My brows were so low and made me look mad at all times. I was scared when Dr. Crispin mentioned I would benefit from a brow lift. He was my plastic surgeon for my breast lift and augmentation years prior but somehow facial surgery seemed scarier. Pondered over the procedure for months and finally said let’s go for it. Never felt as confident as I do now. I get complimented all the time at how refreshed and beautiful I look and nobody knew I had surgery. Love my results so much!

Kennesaw, Georgia

Dr. Crispin, Mary Catherine, Jennifer and Staff,
Thank you for making my mini facelift such a delightful experience. It took me two years to finally make the decision to have surgery. I have no regrets and so thankful to have chosen your practice. Thanks for all you do to support patients through this process.

Sandy Springs, Georgia

It was my first time doing any sort of cosmetic procedure. I simply hated looking in the mirror at my “turkey neck”. Thank you Dr. Crispin for making my first experience wonderful. Had I known how great I would look and the minimal amount of pain associated with a neck lift, I would have done it years ago. I will forever be a patient.

Matt C.
Alpharetta, Georgia

Thank you again for all your wonderful care of our daughter. Her ears affected her self-confidence for years. Really difficult to watch as parents. You have a way of making patients (and moms!) feel comfortable. Your talent and skill is mind blowing. She is exuding confidence in a way we’ve never seen before. Thank you Dr. Crispin…you changed our little girl’s life.

M. Smith
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Beyond grateful to Dr. Crispin for the incredible results I received from my Rhinoplasty. I have disliked my nose for as long as I can remember. I finally got the courage to see Dr. Crispin after receiving a referral from another doctor. He made me feel very comfortable by letting me know I will not look like a different person but instead receive a more proportionate nose for my face. My healing time was quick and easy. I absolutely love my nose and for the first time in my life, I’m not self-conscience having my picture taken.
Thank you Dr. Crispin for helping me feel beautiful!


After months of an intensive search for an experienced , board certified plastic surgeon for gynecomastia, I chose Dr. Crispin. It was important to me that my surgeon had many years of experience with this procedure. Dr. Crispin advised how common this issue is for men and performs 2-4 male breast reductions a week. I was ready to have the surgery immediately. Recovery was fairly easy. I was sore but that was to be expected. My result is pretty spectacular. This was a life changing procedure and my only regret was not getting it done sooner. Thank you Dr. Crispin.

Dunwoody, Georgia

Dear Dr. Crispin,
I am very thankful to God for you. I am totally grateful to you for your kindness in agreeing to help me. Your pleasantness and easygoing manner confirmed to me that I had found the best doctor for me.
Your reviews speak exceedingly well of your skill but I’m persuaded that they don’t come close to telling the full story of your expertise. I am humbled that you chose to use your healing hands on my forehead.

Grateful Patient

I’ve had a wrinkled forehead since I was 13. I was a regular at med spas but always disappointed! My wrinkles still showed, my brows were uneven sometimes and the Botox seemed to wear off after a month. I learned the hard way you get what you pay for. Finally went to Dr. Crispin and my Botox has lasted twice as long as the other places! My brows are even and my wrinkles are GONE.

Peachtree City, Georgia

I visited Crispin Plastic Surgery clinic to possibly have fillers done. I was very pleased with Dr. Crispin’s willingness to talk about all my options. Particularly, what would look best on my face. I never felt rushed. It was a great experience! I will definitely go back. Thanks Dr. Crispin.


Dr. Crispin, Jen and Mary Catherine,
I cannot begin to thank all of you for the amazing transformation you have given to both my body and confidence. From the consultation and being totally reassured by Jen, I knew I was in good hands. You all have been so wonderful and caring, and I so appreciate all of your guidance, answering my 5 million questions, and extra thanks to Jen and Mary Catherine for your reassurance when I was panicked after removing the bandages.

Dr. Crispin, I know you could see how anxious I was right before surgery and I will never forget you comforting me and holding my hand until I fell asleep. Those are the moments as a patient that you never forget. To wrap things up, I am so grateful for all of you and my new body! If I can ever serve as a reference or success story, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you all!!

Decatur, Georgia

Just when I lost faith in having normal looking breasts, I found Dr. Mark Crispin. 5 years ago, I had a breast surgery performed by another surgeon and to say they looked awful is an understatement. After much research, I heard about Dr. Crispin. I immediately made an appointment. Best decision I ever made! Anybody that has been through cosmetic surgery that receives less than favorable result would naturally have fear. However, there was something about Dr. Crispin that made me feel immediate relief and confidence he could give me the results I was looking for. One month later, I had my surgery. Recovery was easy and he was so attentive to all my questions. Once he unwrapped the bandages and I saw my results, I was moved to tears. My breasts look AMAZING and so natural. Words cannot describe my gratitude to this man. Thank you Dr. Crispin! I will be forever grateful.

Atlanta, Georgia

About 10 years after my breast augmentation, I noticed my breasts felt firm with soreness. I ignored it until the pain was really uncomfortable and my breasts started to look abnormal. New to Atlanta, I had no idea who to see. I made an appointment with my gynecologist and she raved about Dr. Crispin so scheduled a consultation. He knew immediately that I had capsular contracture and suggested I either exchange implants or take them out and do a breast lift. He was so kind and explained each option with me in detail. I was impressed with the amount of time he spent with me and could tell instantly he was going to be my surgeon. I chose the implant exchange and happy to say they look even better than the first augmentation. Highly recommend him!

Johns Creek

Once I hit my 40’s my face started to appear too thin and hollow. I loved that injections revived the youthful plumpness I once had but the results were temporary. Dr. Crispin discussed fat transfer with me for a more permanent result. I had no idea this was even an option! He felt liposuction of my tummy and flanks and transferring that fat to my face would give me the results I craved. I was nervous but trusted Dr. Crispin. He has performed numerous procedures on my friends and they all look incredible. Had my surgery last April and I love my results! I look so much younger and was shocked how easy it was to recover. I was bruised and swollen but that subsided fairly quick. I recommend this procedure and Dr. Crispin to everyone.

Sugar Hill

Dear Dr. Crispin,
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent work you did on my lower face lift. As you know I did not take this decision lightly for many reasons. I have often thought we should do the best we can with the gifts the good Lord gave us, but to my surprise you didn’t change my look at all…you enhanced it. Time had made my very thin neck wrinkled beyond what any cream or filler could change. Even though my recovery has been longer than expected, I have not doubted my decision for a second.
As you recall, my wonderful dermatologist Dr. Wray, gave me three doctors that he personally trusted and that is how I found you. From the beginning, I knew after talking with you I was likely going to choose you, but I still went ahead with the other two consults. You were not the
cheapest, but I would eat Ramen noodles and clip coupons for a year in order to afford you if I had to…thank goodness I didn’t, but I would have. I had confidence in your ability, and you didn’t let me manipulate you into cutting my healing time short. I am grateful that you stood your ground because we both know I tried.

I am not certain what the future holds but if I am ever in need of any other work; I will come to you first. I don’t think you do unnecessary stuff and I am sure you could if you were that type of person. I am so glad you are not. Thank you again for making what God me look even better. All the best to you and to your wonderful nurse Mary Catherine. She is wonderful too and was so great with me anytime I had any questions.

Many thanks,