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Follow us here for current news and updates about Dr. Crispin’s Atlanta practice. Our blog offers the latest on trending procedures and treatments, non-surgical alternatives, helpful info shared by patients who’ve actually undergone surgery, and everything else you need to know. Being an informed patient can help you become a happier and more satisfied patient in how you see things — and in how you see yourself.

Save Your Skin

With colder weather ahead, it’s time to get serious about skin care. The cold air can zap the moisture out of your skin and leave it feeling dry and painful. Before it gets too chilly, now’s the time to map out your skin care plan for the winter. For your daily routine, we have an...
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Get Ready for Wedding Season

Is it just us, or is everyone you know getting engaged recently as well? So many friends, relatives, and even celebrities are popping the question and planning their big day! How many weddings are you going to next year? Or are you planning one of your own? We want to help you get wedding-ready! We’re...
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Rest Easy with Restylane®

We know you’ve heard of BOTOX®, but there are so many additional options available when considering facial injectables. Typically, when people use the term “Botox,” they’re speaking of the broad category of facial injectables and may not be referring to the specific brand, BOTOX® Cosmetic. Botox is commonly used as an interchangeable term for any...
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Trending: #NoFilter

A recent report published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery medical journal brings to light a popular trend in cosmetic surgery. The rise of social media has had a significant influence on beauty trends in the United States, causing users to hold unrealistic, edited versions of celebrities as their standard for beauty. As the journal...
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Gentlemen Welcome

A breast reduction surgery is a common procedure for women suffering from discomfort or back pain caused by overly large breasts. We offer a similar breast reduction procedure for male patients to remove excess fat and tissue from the pectoral area. This is commonly found in males dealing with a condition called gynecomastia. The term...
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Addressing the Abdominal Area

Women of all body types can struggle with the same issue ofcarrying body fat around the abdominal area. Whether you carry excess fat under your belly button or in a rounder shape spread across your stomach, there are different procedures to address your unique shape and give you the results you desire. A tummy tuck...
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No Implants Necessary!

Breasts are an aspect of a woman’s physique that often affect self-esteem and confidence. Depending on your aesthetic desires, breast surgery can provide an avenue for volume change, reshaping, and overall breast rejuvenation. For those of you satisfied with the size of your breasts but wishing they were a little perkier, a breast lift is...
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You Survived Summer!

Happy August! Kids are finally going back to school which means you have successfully survived summer! Now it’s time to treat yourself. This is the perfect time to have the procedure you’ve been wanting, with plenty of time to recover and be your best by the New Year.We have several popular body contouring procedures that...
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Pros & Cons: Going International for Surgery

Although some people may think that going overseas to have cosmetic surgery is the cheaper option, this may not actually be the case. The cost of the procedure may be lower, but there are other hidden costs to account for and take into consideration when making your final decision. Typically, surgeons in the U.S. include...
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