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Follow us here for current news and updates about Dr. Crispin’s Atlanta practice. Our blog offers the latest on trending procedures and treatments, non-surgical alternatives, helpful info shared by patients who’ve actually undergone surgery, and everything else you need to know. Being an informed patient can help you become a happier and more satisfied patient in how you see things — and in how you see yourself.

Your Atlanta Cosmetic Consultation

Your plastic surgery consultation at our office is the first step in reaching your aesthetic goals. During your consultation with board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin, you will have an opportunity to discuss your concerns, ask any questions you have, learn about your options, and determine if plastic surgery is right for you. We...
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The Facelift Procedure in Atlanta

Board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin offers our patients options when it comes to facial plastic surgery. Because each patient has unique needs, the Atlanta facelift technique best for you will be dependent on numerous personal factors. During your initial consultation, Dr. Crispin will listen to your concerns, assess your natural appearance, and help...
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Atlanta Liposuction

Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure in which board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin can remove excess fat from nearly every area of your body. Some deposits of fat are resistant to diet and exercise and can continue to detract from the appearance of your body no matter how hard you try to slim...
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Atlanta Breast Augmentation: Implant Size and Cup Size

Obviously, one of the goals of breast augmentation is increasing the size of your breasts. However, Atlanta breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Mark Crispin will base the size of your implants on factors unique to your body, not on the vaguer notion of cup size. Cup sizes vary with each manufacturer. They can even vary within...
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Natural Breast Augmentation

Is there such a thing as a natural breast augmentation? After all an implant is not a natural substance such as a breast. What makes a breast implant look as though it’s not an implant? Much of what makes an implanted breast look natural comes from the preoperative planning. That means a board certified plastic...
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The Sun is our friend, maybe.

  All of us remember our summers at the beach playing in the sand with mother and dad smearing sunscreen over sandy ankles that felt like sandpaper. We balked and ran back into the ocean where the lotion would frequently wash off or wear off leaving us with a pink nose and red ears. When...
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